Art matters. It is not simply a leisure activity for the privileged or a hobby for the eccentric. It is a practical good for the world. The work of the artist is an expression of hope–it is homage to the value of human life, and it is vital to society. 

- Michael Gungor
The Crowd, The Critic, and The Muse

This quote has been at the forefront of my mind as I pray, hope and dream for myself and artists in my hometown. I’ve been longing with my community at The Mill Street House to cultivate the arts in our area, connect artists, encourage them and challenge them to help culturally care for our local communities. 

Art is a beautiful and powerful gift with the ability to transcend. It can help us to see beyond ourselves, stirring us up to take action and move us to love.

So for the artists and the makers who are reading this, I want to encourage you in your craft, in your gifting. Dig into the communities you are in, help tell good stories, be an advocate for culture care. The things you are creating are greatly needed.

“Make Visible The Invisible.” 
- Eric


Eric BowmanArt, Beauty