linger: a conference with the heart of a retreat.

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Designed from the ground up to help remind attendees to slow down, rest and reset in the midst of a busy culture, LINGER is a conference with the heart of a retreat. 

The team behind LINGER–a faith based organization compiled of talented musicians and creative entrepreneurs values their faith in the gospel of Jesus Christ, worshiping through song and bible based teaching, and making time to connect with God and one another. 

I was commissioned by this team to oversee art direction & graphic design for the event. The goal was to clearly communicate what LINGER was and visually connect people to the heart behind the event through the conference website, promotional campaigns, event materials and social media. 



Creative Direction
Art Direction & Design
Squarespace Design
Social Media Campaigns
Event Materials

Cody Kurtz - Photography
Paul Galangco - Photography


SOCIAL MEDIA CAMPAIGN    Conference Speakers
Conference Journal
Social Media Campaign    Conference Speakers
Promotional Poster
T-Shirt Design
T-Shirt Design


"Eric is an invaluable parter to Linger Conference.  He is proactive, creative, meets deadlines, and exceeds expectations in every way."

Jayme Thompson (Co-Founder of Linger Conference)